Franchise Opportunities

Our Mission: To be our customers favorite Gourmet Pizza Company.

To achieve this we live by the core brand

We deeply value our customers and aim to make them feel like our number one priority

We Value our business system and make it the heart of our innovation

We are dedicated to our people and seeing them grow with us

We see profitability as the natural outcome of getting things right for our customers

We are committed to supporting our community.

When the original Filadelfio’s Restaurant & Bar opened at 3 North Road, Dunedin, in 1995, it wasn’t long at all before the restaurant caught on with locals. Such was the success of the business, the owner was soon able to employ a manager to run it, while he searched for more business opportunities and enjoyed the profits that rolled in. In 1998, when new business opportunities took him elsewhere, Logan and Jo Beck purchased the restaurant. Since then Jo and Logan have expanded the business into a franchise, with three restaurants currently operating and more planned for the future.